John Martolini: Paintings and Portraits

John Martolini has been drawing and painting since he was a youngster.  He always captures the true likeness of all the subject matter he renders.  During grade school his teachers noticed his talent and would be picked to do artwork for posters and bigger projects.

When John was about ten years of age he won an award for "Outstanding Achievement in Drawing and Rendering" by the Wieboldt's Company.

He attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago in the early 80's where he studied life drawing, illustration, and painting technique.  While at the academy he was also commissioned to do portraits for clients that recognized his potential.  After attending the art academy, he worked for a small advertising company, designing brochures while still doing portraits.  

In the late 80's he met Mrs. Helen March, a great portrait artist who had been doing portraits for at least 25 years at that point.  She was teaching a small, semi-private class in fine art and portraiture.  John attended her classes for a short time to hone his skills further.  In 1990 he opened an operated a custom frame shop in the Northwest Suburban area of Chicago.  Since then he has done portraits of people from many walks of life, which he considers a great and high honor.

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